Christmas With the Maddox's ~

 We went over Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas with our youngest daughter's family and deliver a gift or two to three of our five grandbabies. Jenny had the most delicious meal and a good time was had by all.
 Our gift to the babies were beanbags and they all had a blast jumping on them, snuggling into them, and dragging them around like Santa's heavy bag. Even Miss Elle managed to crawl up on hers and sit there proudly.  I'm sure these will be used and enjoyed. Thanks Jenny, for the idea!

 Christmas Day we went over around 5 pm for more delicious food and lots of desserts and coffee to see what Santa had brought. The air was filled with the chatter of three excited little ones.
Our 7 year old, Noah, took this one for me.
 Santa brought Miss Elle a car and she loved it. A funny moment ~ Noah, the 4 year old, began turning her round and round in a circle. They were giggling and laughing, when all of a sudden, Elle slumped over and couldn't stay upright. Jenny had Noah stop as she was afraid somebody was going to upchuck. Elle was still laughing but drunk from the motion and finding it hard to keep her head upright.
 Our sweet Jenny ~ 
 Elle also thought it funny that Ian would get on top of her car. This was put to a quick halt by mother though, as a friend's son had a serious fall from the top of one of these little cars while playing with the younger one.
 Brandon, an answer to prayers for our Jenny
His parents, Nancy and Thaylon Maddox.
I hope all of you had a nice Christmas. We were hoping for snow but had nothing more than a few flurries. It was to snow today but the weather hasn't gotten quite as cold as expected, and alas, we only have a cold damp day. But a very blessed day it is. They all are. We are a blessed nation. Now, Happy New Year!

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