Thinking Back to Christmas Past ~

The first Christmas after the accident. Ugh, 124 sickly pounds. John said I looked like a refugee. I felt like one, too. It was a Christmas my family wasn't even sure I'd be present for. I was out of adult Depends and walking without the walker! I was able to climb the three steps to our patio! Slowly, but I could climb them! And by myself! Yes, it was a holiday to be thankful. Noah was born that year. Sweet baby Noah. Our card that year only reminded me of how ill I still looked. 77 days in ICU and endless amounts of drugs can sure take the shine and life right out of your hair! And turn your teeth a nasty shade of gray. Not my favorite photo of us by a long shot.
The next year it snowed on the day we celebrated!! Now remember, we have our celebration in January. We began doing this after not being able to meet in December, 2005 and we've loved it ever since! There's no rush, everyone is relaxed, we eat alot, visit and catch up with each other and watch the kids have another Christmas! And in January of 2008 it snowed the weekend we were together. Magical! What a neat surprise! Snow, in Prattville, Alabama.See that wire urn of ornaments? Noah discovered them and realized he loved rolling them around the room. When we moved later that year, we found a number of them under the couches! Look at that fat little chunky monkey. The curls were beginning to grow.
I was feeling much better. Gaining weight (bahaha!)
This was our last holiday in the house on Spruce. (tear or two) It's this time of year that I miss our fireplace and gas logs. I really think this was my favorite house. And there's John with two of my favorite little people, Austin Brett and 'laina ~
Last Christmas we gathered at Jenny's, as we had sold Spruce and moved into an apartment. It was this Christmas that she told us there would be a new addition to the family! Here's our three beautiful daughters, and Austin. He's such a ham, just like his dad. Have I mentioned how I totally am in love with our two son in laws?! They rock. We are blessed.
By this time, I was heavier than I needed to be. Dieting was in order. And I lost 15 pounds! Yay me! Jenny took the photos for our cards last year. Beautiful background downtown.Which brings us to this holiday season. Feeling better than ever.
Ian is now a big brother to a baby sister. And I feel great.
Elle Elizabeth. Happy. Healthy.
Life is good. God is great. Families grow.

John and I are thankful as we continue to grow in health, in love, and we find peace in the blessings being showered upon us daily. May you and yours have a most delightful time this Christmas season and may you have infinite moments of love and laughter ~


Leah said...

What a great walk down memory lane! You are looking wonderful this holiday season, I might add! Love to you and yours!

Kelly said...


Heather said...

I loved reading your memories. The picture of you and Mr. Johnny this year is just wonderful! You both look great.

Heidi said...

sweet post Nancy... Merry Christmas

Audrey said...

what an inspring story. Thanks for sharing. Your grandchildren are precious.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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