Did You See Nights in Rodanthe?!

Did you ever see Nights in Rodanthe?! No, then you should rent it. Soon! Yes?! Then you know the home of which I speak! Here's the beautiful home, Serendipity, on the Outer Banks. Beautiful home, right on the ocean. You had an awesome view from most any room! Tonight while catching up on some of my favorite blogs, I saw that Julia, of Hooked on Houses, had an update to a prior post. I loved this movie and was saddened to read of its apparent demise and the problems the owners are experiencing. Read on ~ (and you can click on the photos to go to the post!)
The above photo shows the home after Hollywood finished adding decks and new painting. You can read more about this on Julia's site. Note how close the ocean is! Apparently, while filming a hurricane blew in and delayed things a bit!

After filming, decks were taken down and the home looks abandoned. The owners have not been able to rent it much and there seems to be some problems with drainage and sewage.
Now look at it. This photo was taken the first of this month and shows how the ocean is now coming in and around the home. There is a move to have it moved or torn down. Julia has an interesting post with links to a local newspaper. And if you love houses like I do, you'll love love love Julia's blog!! Because of her post on Grey Gardens I rented the movie and was fascinated and saddened to learn of the fate of the two women who lived and loved in that home. Go visit Hooked on Houses and have a restful weekend!!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh I saw the movie and loved it too. Love Julia as well. I met her at Blissdom and she is just a sweetie!

charm home said...

I haven't seen this movie yet but the images of this beauiful house make me want to run to get the movie.

Hope you have a great weekend!

By the way, Dad says hi.

Love, Cristi

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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