The Man in Red

Noah James has followed in his mother's footsteps by not trusting the man in red. I found this picture in my first edition of Faith, Family, & Friends. I can just imagine the words in Noah's little head going something like this, "Man in Red, do NOT touch the baby". I laugh each time I recall this snapshot. Well, this year isn't much different. Which isn't unusual.
Jenny didn't have her picture with Santa until she was four, and then I was right there with her. You'll notice in their 2008 Santa snapshot Noah is once more looking at 'the Man in Red' and I'm sure would've crawled up around Brandon's head had Santa reached to touch him. Don't little ones just make our days livable and funnier? Even the days they try our ever, loving patience, they still manage to bring such joy and laughter to our lives.
Merry Christmas, Noah. I look forward to seeing which year you allow Santa to get you near enough to tell him what you want him to drop off at your house. And thanks for the laughter, your Nan loves you~


Jenny said...

And mean old parents like us keep submitting them to the trauma!

Leah said...


Lynne Griffies said...

We took Claire and Jonah to Bass Pro for their pics with Santa. Jonah was fine, but Claire screamed! She was having nothing to do with 'the Man in Red'!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Nancy, thanks so much for coming by!

Our youngest grandson, also Noah (age 1) went to see Santa again today. He saw him last week, but his big sister Xanti (age 18) was at work and didn't get to share the visit, so a return visit was scheduled. Last week, Noah was happy to meet Santa, but today was a different story.

Yes, you read that right...there are 17 years between Noah and Xanti!

Your photos are precious! I love them!

Melissa Lester said...

My girls do not want to get near Santa! In fact, only this week has Emma shown pleasure at seeing pictures of him. So I guess they'll just have to tell their Christmas wish lists to their brothers and hope they don't get cars and trucks this year as a result!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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