Wow, guess what!!
Where these daughters live,
near Jackson, Mississippi,
they're expected to get snowfall
Their bad weather has grown cold enough
for them to expect snowflurries,
with light accumulation.
I hope they enjoy it as much as I would!
Maybe Austin and Alaina can make a snowman
and send me some snapshots.
And just maybe, their mother
won't have to go to work!!
Send it this way, guys!!


Leah said...

How exciting!! Maybe we'll get some sometime this year!

Stacia said...

I would love some snow too! We lived in Cheyenne, WY for our first AirForce assignment after we got married and I loved the snow. I hated being so far away from friends and family, but the snow was nice.
p.s. your tag looks fine today... maybe it was a blogger glitch??

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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