Earlier tonight, I was out on the sidewalk
looking to see if this might be forming.
Yeah, I know.
Crazy, but I love watching severe weather. and then I remembered!
They were talking about the very area
that these people live in! So I called. And woke Jenny up.
To tell her they had a tornado
headed their way.
Then I felt foolish.
She's a grown woman!
With a very protective husband.
Guess a mother always worries.
But I promise Brandon and Jenny,
I'm really really trying.
I had to include this picture
of my brother, Nelson.
Showing off a bass he caught yesterday.
He was so proud.
And Johnny Hood was so envious.

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Jenny said...

There was no "earlier tonight"...try 3 a.m. - teehee. I love you anyway, though. Brandon had taken 2 Tbsp of Tylenol nighttime Cold & Cough and I had had 1/2 of a Tylenol PM. He groped around on the floor for the weather radio for about 30 seconds, couldn't find it, and we both went back to sleep :)

Love the picture of Nelson...too funny!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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