Monkey & The Dog

What do you get when you mix a napmat with a little boy?
One very relaxed and happy grandson~
Cute As A Button has some really cute napmats and Jen wanted two for the boys to keep upstairs and watch TV~Ian chose the Dog and picked the monkey for Noah. Ian really liked his,but not nearly as much as this little monkey
was instantly loved by Noah! Aptly named, Monkey,Noah immediately got down on the floor and nuzzled all over this furry animal!He was so cute, and I really think he would've fallen asleep had Jenny given him the time~
Last night, I met with three of my dearest and bestest friends. Deborah had a delicious casserole and chocolate dessert!! Kay and Lisa brought lots of hugs and laughter and we had such a great time together~I would hate to think of life without them. Here's Lisa and Deborah. Kay and I refused to pose for the camera~


Leah said...

What cute napmats! And boys!! :)

Glad you had a fun girls night! Aren't they the best!

Shannon said...

Ok that is the cutest picture on the boys on the napmats!! :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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