And This, My Friends,

is simply Part Two, as I'm not sure if we're finished with the story of the bad washer from Sears.

John went to Sears this morning. To make it brief, both he and the manager got a bit heated and had to take a minute. We were refunded our money. Yay, but Prattville Sears wants a 15% restocking fee. For a washer that doesn't work. Go figure. Apparently, Sears will refurbish it and resell it. If this had been the only thing we bought from them, I could understand paying for the seven weeks and five days we used it. BUT we purchased a big screen TV from them, a microwave, super nice double door fridge, elliptical, and a large outdoor grill (and all this within a two year span). I think they could cut some slack with a restocking fee. That's where John and the daily manager butted heads.

John's way of thinking is, 'hey look, we almost bought a set at Lowe's but since your store was ripped apart by the tornado in February we wanted to give you the business'. The manager is tied to the policies set forth by the owner. Hence, John wants to talk to someone about the fee and was given a toll free number to Customer Service. When he calls and complains, they say it's up to each individual store owner/manager as to whether or not a restocking fee is required. So, he mentions this to the manager and again, is told it's up to Sears. The classic game of Pass the Buck and Hope the Fool Gives Up. Have you grimaced and rolled your eyes yet? I have.

We had to pay $59 for them to come out and get the set, but paying them the 15% is still up in the air as far as The Hood is concerned. And I have to say, I agree with him on this one. The good news is, they will be out at 8 in the morning to get it out of our apartment!! The better news is,

after he left Sears, he drove to Lowe's and spent quite some time discussing brand names, etc. with two workers that impressed him with their knowledge of brands. Did a bit of research on (thank you, Lisa!) and bought me a washer and dryer tonight!! Also bought the pedestals that go under them so I don't have to lean so far to get into them! I'm so excited!! And Lowe's is delivering them tomorrow afternoon!!

So imagine me singing, "I'm washing clothes tomorrow, I'm washing clothes tomorrow, Nan Na Nan Na Boo Boo". And I have this huge grin plastered on my face. Okay, so it's not one of those real pretty colors they have now, it's your basic white but I'll sleep under clean sheets, dry with clean towels, and not be looking for lost clothing in a dumpster because the dirty clothes are in a trash bag waiting to see if the Laundromat is needed. Yes sir, this is one happy female. Here's a promo pic. I'll show you mine tomorrow night~

Oh, and if you've hadproblems with your washer/dryer PULEEASE leave me a comment and tell me what brand you have. We have thirty days to decide if we're keeping them. Heather, you left a comment about yours. What brand do you have??!! Johnny says if this front loader doesn't work out, he's putting me back with a top loader. (As if I really care. I just want one that works.)


Haley said...

Oh Mrs. nancy.... I hate you had these problems.... I hate when people at the store give you the run-around.... hoping you will give up. Dont they know they loose business that way? When I saw your first post about the front loaders I was going to suggest the things that make them sit higher.... (my mom has front loaders and got them and she loves not having to hurt her back by bending over so much). Hop eall goes well from here.... oh and I wouldn't pay the restocking fee for a broken machine either...

Melissa Lester said...

We are loving our LG front loading washer and dryer, and the bases really make it much easier on the back. If only it would fold and put away laundry too! We bought a Bosch dishwasher at the same time as our W/D, and it is quiet but is one of the only models that you cannot program to dry. So I don't like it, and within a few times of use it started to smell bad. We looked into returning it, but HH Gregg only accepts returns within 10 day. So I'm stuck with it! At least I am pleased with the W/D, and speaking of that, I need to go start a load of laundry!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of your troubles with Sears. We bought a big screen tv from them years ago and at the time of purchase they gave us a dilivery date that never came. They kept pushing the date until one day they said that Sony just wasn't producing the tv fast enough. First of all why would you sell us something that was not even in stock. Very frustrating. We eventually cancelled that purchase and went with something that was definitely in stock. I am really cautious about buying from them anymore.

Good luck with your other set.

Heather said...

Our washer/dryer is GE. According to the salesman at Lowes...a dependable set---HAHAHA---I guess they suckered us! And just for reference, our kitchen appliances are Frigidaire Elements line (also from Lowes) which they have apparently discontinued now. Sheesh!

I hope your new machines work wonderfully. I know you are going nuts with all the dirty laundry piling up.

Leah said...

Stinkers, that's what they are trying to make you pay a restocking fee. I'll think twice before shopping with them.

YAY for the new set. May you have many happy laundry loads!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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