No, No, Not MY Washer!!

Oh, NO!!! Not my washer. And dryer!! I wanted an image to go along with the next post, so I Googled images of a washing machine. I found one, which led to a blog, of a Sears washer and dryer like ours!! With 27 comments from others having the same problem!!! argh!!! I got on the phone, called Johnny, told him to go to Sears TOMORROW and have the Sears people come pick up this set!!! We're still within our 90 days grace period and I don't want a lifetime of problems!!! Not to mention, I don't know when a repairman will get here to fix this one. I'm thankful we're within our grace period. I'll keep you updated as to what transpires tomorrow!!

Oh, and here's the sweet looking culprit.

and here's the panel that apparently leads to the control panel that will need replacing. And it's not even two months old. Yuck, double yuck.

I don't think the next set will come from Sears~


Mrs. B said...

What a cute blog you have (and good music too)! I love that pear wreath/nest thing you did! So cute!

Ugh... I feel your pain about the appliances. We just replaced our dishwasher that was less than 4 years old. It's so frustrating that things just don't seem to be built to last. Hopefully you will get it straightened out. My recommendation would be DON'T replace it with a Maytag!

Heather said...

I understand completely!!!! We bought a beautiful set of appliances from Lowe's to deck out our kitchen- one year ago I tell you- and we had to have EVERY single appliance in the kitchen repaired. Not to mention our front loading washer. The repairman said that he works on Kenmore the most of all appliances and next time to get the regular old 'turn the knob' kind because the computerized ones mess up all the time and are pricey to repair. OH and by the way...those washing machines really do "eat" your socks. They get sucked down between the washer barrel and the rubber ring around the door. It was a mystery where Audrey's socks were disappearing to. When the repairman dismantled our washing machine he showed us where the "long lost items" accumulate. Just some FYI. Love you!

Darlene said... can't have a problem washer...that won't do!!! I would definitely get a refund on it with it breaking down that quickly...thank goodness it is during the grace period.

Chris said...

Oh no!!! Thank goodness you are within your 90 day period! Now you just have to go get one that's bigger and better! :)

Leah said...

YUCKY!! That stinks big time!! Glad you're still within the 90 day period!

Layla said...

Wish you LOTS of luck with the washer/dryer frustrating, isn't it?! >:-(

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