Same View, Different Truck

So, this is what greeted me a few days ago, before Faye blew in and blew off all the aftermath that repaving brings upon poor unsuspecting automobiles. I opened our front door to find this lovely parked in our driveway. This shot was taken at our threshhold!! I had to laugh out loud, but not as loud as I did when I saw ~

this snapshot of Ian that Jenny took. The child loves pirates and his Nana gave him a new pirate outfit. Here's he is 'dancing a jig' for his mom. I am so totally in love with these grandbabies. BUT, I still laughed harder when I saw ~

this shot of Noah in his pirate bandana with attached dreadlocks! I think the paci tops it all off, don't you? I personally think God sent us children to remind us how to laugh, giggle, and enjoy the lighter moments of life.
Mentioning children, Teale and Chad are expecting a little girl soon!! We are all praying for and happily awaiting Harper's arrival. The best years of this couples life has begun~
Okay, so here's a "Johnny Funny". Tonight I noticed a bag of laundry I had bagged and set by the washer (which is broken!!!) was NOT where I left it. I asked John about it and he replied, "I thought it was trash!" Now, I had set out the bags of trash, along with telling him to get the one OUT of the trashcan. He got all of those, along with the extra one there. At 10 PM tonight, we were out at the dumpster looking for a white trash bag of clothing. Do you have any idea how many families use white trash bags!!
It was so funny to me that I started giggling as we walked across the parking lot. Then, realizing how insane we looked groping around other people's trash, I really got the giggles. The more I giggled, the meaner the looks got from Johnny. We did find the bag, got the clothes back, and John had to laugh with me as we made our way back across the parking lot.
The washing machine? Yeah, it quit on me Sunday afternoon. We bought a new front loader and apparently you can't just punch the Stop button, then the Start button. By doing so, you mess up the electrical system and the suggestions the Support tech offered didn't work. argh!!! So now, I have to have a repairman out to reset the machine.
It could be worse, I could be twenty years older and not able to deal with calling the Sears Customer Service, punching one for English, punching three for repairs, punching my phone number, punching four for Other, then one for Tech Support, listen to taped music for three minutes, only to be disconnected. This scenario happened twice. Twice, I said!! On the third time, and I was still breathing deep, praying, and speaking nicely, I was able to complete the call only to be told it would be September 3rd before a serviceman could be scheduled.
What?! Sears has so many service calls I have to wait a week to see someone?! Maybe we shouldn't have bought Kenmore after all. The tech did say he would turn it in as an emergency and someone would contact us within 24 hours to tell us we would be worked in this week. He promised they would call.
(to be cont'd.)


Chad said...

Thank you for the prayers.

Kristy said...

That outfit of Noah in that pirate "hat" with the braid...LOL!! HAHAHAH!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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