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Hey mommies with little girls! Cute As A Button is having a great 40% SALE that will run the month of August. Patti is determined to leave all summer items and take only the incoming fall and holiday wear to the new location. Leah, I thought about Marley when I saw these and Melissa, I know how you love girly things, too!! Look at these snapshots I took to show Leah what we have in Marley's size. Some are 24 months, Leah, so she could wear it next Spring and Summer. At these prices, I bought our granddaughter some for next year.

You'll find there are still some 4, 5, 6, and 6X but most sizes left are 9 - 24 months and 2T - 4T in the pink girls room. In the boys sizes, you'll find play clothes 2T-4T and dressy outfits for 3 - 24 months. The store is open on Saturdays 10 - 4 and Tues-Friday 10-6! Come visit!! and shop!! New outfits are arriving daily and we're quickly running out of room! Can't wait to get downtown into a much larger space with an even larger inventory! If you have any questions about anything you see, let me know, or go see Patti Saturday.

This is a favorite of mine, and everyone else apparently because it's the only one left. It's a sweet yellow cotton smocked short sleeve Luli & Me dress regularly priced $45.99. On sale for $27.59.
Here's the detail work!

Love this dress!! I forgot to get the price, but it's 40% off and I'm thinking the price was somewhere around $57.99, so do the math. The brown and pink ribbon edging is too cute! The material is a soft baby corduroy. We have several sizes in this.
Here's a closer shot of the ribbon detail. There are two bows on the short sleeves.
A summer dress, this vibrant pink smocked dress is 18 months and on sale for only $28.19! Here's the detail work and you'll see the full version below that. This is a Rosalina dress.
This is a blue smocked short sleeve dress, very full skirt, and darling on those blue eyes!! It, too, is on sale for only $28.19.
One of my favorites is this sleeveless smocked dress with carousel ponies on the bodice. You'll see them better in the detail snapshot. This dress is on sale for $40.79 and the material is yellow gingham checked~
Here's another sleeveless yellow gingham smocked dress by Will Beth, and by the way we got in a shipment from them today!! Sweet blue and white smocked sets! This sweet thing is on sale for $33.59.
By the looks of those summer beach pictures, everyone is loving white outfits for the sand and surf!! There are still some of these remaining in case you need one for next year or for beaching it in early fall when the crowds disperse some. This two-piece outfit is only $28.79, with a snapshot of the little bloomers following. Patti also has some pillow case dresses with satin ribbons at the shoulders left in larger sizes.
This is Sweet Potatoes and on sale for only $19.19. Here's a shot of the little panties that go with the dress.
There are still bathing suits and coverups by Kate Mack and Big Fish, play clothes by Sweet Potatoes, decorative flip flops to match outfits, and some dreamy dressy dresses.
So, what do you want?


Chris said...

I'm pretty sure you showed these dresses just to tease us bloggers who don't have a Cute as a Button! :-) That pink and brown dress would be mine (well, my daughter's) in a heartbeat! Thanks for the fashion show!

Wife to Ben & Mama to Lily said...

Are there any of those 2 piece white bloomer outfits left? We are going tot he beach next month and I would love to have one for Lily.

Nancy Hood said...

Yes! and they are cuter than the pics!! I'll run up there tomorrow and call you with the sizes!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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