Second Post for Friday

Second post, but you have got to check this craft project out! Jen and Katie, you're going to love this. It's at Joys of Home and I already know where I'm going to put my letter! Oh, and keep reading! This is the second post this evening.


Joy said...

WOW! You can imagine how surprised I was to come to your blog and read a post about me blog. THANK YOU! I am so flattered. It is very sweet of you.
I can't wait to see your project! Please let me know when you post it.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Stacia said...

Very cool and easy craft! I just might have to try it :-) And I love all those cute dresses you posted pictures of from the store you work at! They are adorable. I'm coming to Pratville next weekend for my cousin's wedding...If we have some free time I might just have to find this 'Cute as a button' store :-)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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