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I listened to the voters and I took the Playlist item off. Now there is no music. And I'm not sure if I like that. The music normally reflected my mood, state of mind, memories that tugged, and/or all of the above. Take your pick. Sometimes? I opened our blog, not to sign in, but to have the music while I read a magazine or the paper. Before the coming week, it may be back on here. Just WHAT you'll hear is anyone's guess. I guess that those of you that voted no need to turn your sound off. I can't imagine going to Button Willow and not hearing the sounds that accompany the visual treats, nor visiting The Feathered Nest and not feel my soul relax listening to Dawn's classical choices. But then, that's what makes for such a beautiful and intriguing world, the differences in all of us~

It's almost the weekend and I, for one, still love Fridays. Even retired my breath still quickens when I realize that Saturday morning I have no reason to get up early. I don't get up now before eight o'clock! so why I should be happy to sleep in on Saturday is beyond me. But I still do. I love Fridays.

To all of you, may the weekend bring rest, rain, and renewal~


The Feathered Nest said...

I think the music is an important part of our blogs, telling of our personalities ~ I have a volume control on my speakers or can pause the music on the playlist if I need to view quietly...if you love it Nancy, put it back...that's the beauty of it!! It's YOUR blog...I had somewhat of a vote one time too, worried that my music was offensive but everyone protested when I removed it and now I can't imagine it without it!! Funny, huh? Just yesterday I couldn't believe I heard that song on your blog that Dennis and I used to listen to together!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend sweetie, xxoo, Dawn

Haley said...

I personally like the music...if others don't care much for the music then they can turn their sound off. I say do what makes you happy. If you like the music.... put it back on..... it is after all your blog! :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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