Pears? Pumpkins?!

Girlfriends, you have got to click now, and I mean NOW to go see what Chris at Just a Girl has done with a shelf and a pear!! I even have a similiar shelf that will be painted this weekend!! and I already have the pear! The ribbon I intend to/hope to find at Michael's. I'll post MY new project. Jen, I'm thinking you'll love this too. What?! Ya'll aren't there yet? So, okay, I'll show you what she did. Then you can go and read the whole post and see some more projects. From this ~

to this ~ how cute can you get?!

I'll let you go to her blog to read how utterly simple this pumpkin wreath is!
So, that's it. Oh, and this is the second post tonight if you're interested in reading further ~


Shannon said...

SOOO cute!! I'll have to go check out that site!

Leah said...

I love this!! I would love if you would help me with some decorating ideas when you have time. (if you'd be willing...)

Chris said...

Oh my gosh, Nancy, you are so sweet! When I first got on here, I thought, "Oh my gosh! She found a shelf just like I did!". Yeah, that's how dumb I am. :)

Kimba said...

When I first saw those pictures, I though, "Hey! Chris from Just a Girl has that exact same shelf thingy!" I wonder if Nancy has seen it yet?

Then I read your post. I'm such a ding-a-ling sometimes. :-)

And yes, the urn is Southern Living at Home. An old friend was a consultant for a while and I had a party for her a few years ago. Man! I got some good stuff!

Lynne Griffies said...

I love that little shelf and I love that blog. And I am glad you have your music back on. I did NOT vote for you to get rid of it! :)

Blanca said...

Cute shelves. I have a pair that I want to work on soon. I've posted about them just never finished them. I think I may copy you on this one. Simple but makes a bold statement.


Melissa Lester said...

That project is so cute! It's amazing how special the pear looks when it is featured prominently on the shelf.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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