Right Room, Right Window Position

We moved into our Master Bedroom today!! There is still much to be done before I'm happy with the decor, but at least we'll be sleeping there tonight! For those who know me know that I have trigger moments related to the accident in 2006. I have moments when I feel trapped in time. Sleeping in the guest room brought about such moments because ~

the window in our guest room is on the same side of the bed as the bed I spent 70 days in during my ICU stay. At night, the street lights come through the slats and trigger memories of a large window in my ICU room. I remember seeing light behind those blinds and wondering what kind of nightmarish world existed beyond the door. John and I talked of this coming home from Mississippi yesterday. He asked what I wanted to accomplish today and moving the bed OUT of the guest room was #1 on the list. Maybe, when I work up the nerve, I'll talk about the nightmares one can become locked into while under extreme doses of medication and severe trauma to the body. It's not fun.

{The reason the bed was in the guest room was simply because we intended to get a sleep number bed and put it in the master. While waiting to find time to go look at them, we realized we enjoyed sleeping on the 'guest bed' so now it's our bed and we'll get another for the guest room.} And this is where I need your input ~

I have two large pictures that I really like and you'll see them below. One is propped up on a chest in the bedroom, the other is on the floor in the guest room. If you have a choice on which one you think would look better hanging over the chest, please leave me a comment. I'm leaning toward the one with the dove at the moment. Can't wait to get curtains up!! The blinds do NOT do much to thwart the sun nor the street lights, but at least the window is on the correct side of the bed now!

There remains much to be done but here are some snapshots of what the master looks like tonight.

It's a tiny room but surprisingly there is more area to walk around in than what seems to be pictured.
and here are two of the reasons we love traveling to Mississippi. We celebrated John and Austin's birthday at Macaroni Grill and then the girls and I went shopping for a bit while the guys kept Austin and Alaina entertained. It was nice. Thank you, girls, for the food, the laughter, and the fun. Can't wait to come back.


Heather said...

My vote is for the picture with the dove. Love you!!!

Lisa Ann said...

I love them both but I would go with the one with the dove for your master bedroom. I love the grapes to. It would be perfect for my house. LOL!

Melissa Lester said...

Glad you had a nice trip. It looks like you are getting settled into your new place nicely. I'm glad you resolved the bedroom situation. I think I'm with you and would vote for the picture with the dove. It looks more peaceful, and I think you need a really serene, restful space.

Lynne Griffies said...

Definitly the one with the dove. You have done a LOT with the room since I was last there! It looks really good. Yep--you need a bedskirt! ha! Love ya girlfriend.

Haley said...

I think I see a patern here..... I vote for the one with the dove too!!!

Nancy Hood said...

The dove it is!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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