Family & Friends~

Here are some snapshots I have confiscated.
Our princess in Mississippi, Alaina~
We were able to spend time with them Saturday
and it is always such fun for us.
I'm hoping that Stacey has some snapshots
to send me from our time with them.
I forgot our camera, rats, but she had hers!
Austin ~ don't you know he really wants to be
somewhere else? "Okay, mom, hurry."
Ian liked the Easter bunny.
Noah did not.
Two of our three daughters,
Leslie & Stacey~
we are truly blessed.
Now I need for Jenny to send me the snapshots
she took at her house Sunday~
and here are some dear friends
that we miss a lot!
Hey Buck's!!
it's about time to get together again!!!

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1 comment:

Lynne Griffies said...

great pics--the Mississippi babies are so cute. And of course, so are the Alabama ones! That is such a good pic of Leslie and Stacey. And the Bucks' oldest daughter looks just like Melynda!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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