Welcome to Our World, Owen

Our middle daughter, Leslie.
Her new baby son, Owen.
Her first.
Our sixth grandchild.
There aren't enough words.
Our cup runneth over, Lord. 
The new family came home this morning.
Marley was happy enough.
She was glad her mum and dad were home!
Didn't give Owen much of a glance.
It was a good feeling to have them home. 
Of course, we loved holding him as well.
A rocker+a baby=Pure Bliss
John now has four grandsons.
He's over the moon,
and the two granddaughters?
The ones that spoil him?
They keep his head in the stars. 
The rocker? It belonged to Leslie's beloved grandmother. She's in Heaven now and Leslie recovered the seat. It mean a lot to this child to be able to rock her son in this chair. Goes clear to the heart of the matter. Thank you, Father, for this new family. We promise to always be a living example of Your love and promises. We won't lead him astray.

And to Heath and Leslie? Congratulations. Again. Owen is simply beautiful and we are thrilled that he belongs to you and that he's home where he belongs. The best part of your life has now begun. We love you very much and are always here for you {heart font}.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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