Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Begin with the corned beef, cabbage and potatoes! Start the week with a hearty, but rather unhealthy, meal of the Irish {wink font}. Honestly? Last year we ate in Fairhope at an Irish pub and had the above meal. Oh.my. Make you want to slap someone it was so good! 
Top it off with a light dessert of skewered fruit! How easy is this? And they are all good for you and good to eat. Well, okay, so I don't like kiwi fruit. I can give it another chance. 
What grandmother, or anyone for that matter, wouldn't love to get this from the grandbabies?! It's too cute and you could put different hands on one in order to get everyone in on the craft. I'm hoping for one {HINT font}. 
What a doll! And you can find this cute outfit here on Etsy! Great price and well made. I know that for a fact. The maker is my daughter and yes, that's one of our grandbabies! 
I'll end with a prayer. May your week be God-led and filled with much love and laughter. Ours will be a busy one, but that's a good thing. It's overcast and there's rain coming, but it's to wash the earth and bring forth the Spring flowers! A few more days and it'll be Spring officially! Happy St. Patrick's Day to all ~

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