to brag, to share~

These are our daughters~
they have the best of us~
they have a piece of each of us.
The little one?
He's a third generation,
and again, has the best parts of us.
I love looking at snapshots of them
and knowing that God has singled out
only the very best of those I love
and given them to these I love~


Kelly said...

Hey Nancy.
Your blog looks like it is set up right to me, but just incase...
I am using the 3-column template, not the two column one. :)
I first installed the 2-column one, fogetting I had 3 columns. (oops)
Thanks for your nice comments on my last posts. :)
We are working on packing more of our personal stuff up, to have more of a "staged" house. BUT, it is HARD with a 3.5 yr old. He needs his things. Ya know? We are not agressively trying to sell...YET. We still have a few minor things to do first. We just jumped the gun and put it on a local home selling site for our town, while finishing the final touches and continuing to pack.
I would like to sell by fall.
Wish us luck and say a prayer. :)

Holly said...

Cute posts! You have a very photogenic family!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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