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I love reading Ree's site, The Pioneer Woman, and she loves Charlie.  Now there's a book written for children! Ree has already published a cookbook, and a book of her love affair with The Marlboro Man. In the works now is a sequel to this book 'From High Heels to Tar Heels' and Charlie's book will be released in the Spring of this year! Good for Ree, I began following her blog the second year she began and it has changed alot and there are oodles of followers now. I liked her style back then and I like it now. I am so proud for her and the hard work it takes to maintain a blog to but to maintain as many as she does, with giveaways, tours, and all the other hats she wears. Go. Visit. Then let me know if you enjoyed her site as well as I do. I just bet you find something to like! You'll need to note that under the main headings, are smaller headings. For instance, you click on 'Confessions' and you'll find sub-headings such as Animals, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, and others. You could spend hours on her site, and I have. Late at night. With noone to bother me. Her recipes are a bit on the spicy side for me but the photographs of the mustangs they care for are unbelievable. I'll leave you with one and encourage you to visit The Pioneer Woman. Oh, and her prints are free to download and frame!

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Melissa Miller said...

Oh how cute! I love Charlie too. :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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