First of All, We Bleed Tide

Our family bleeds crimson but we are huge SEC fans. Which brings me to this post, that I'm sure my husband will remark on something to the fact, "you didn't have to carry it that far". But yes, I do. I am so darn proud of the state of Alabama for having not one, but two, teams to go into the BCS back to back the past two years! So, Auburn Tigers, this one's for you! Let's keep the BCS title in the state of Alabama and bring it home Monday night! We are so proud of you! Now, it'll be our turn next year {smile font}. Fly high, Eagles, and lead those Tigers on!
Let's send those Ducks home good and tired and beat!
(Who wants to be called a 'duck' anyway?!)

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charm home said...

YAY for AL!!!! War Eagle. xo, c-

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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