A New Season, A New Year

No, this isn't our little cabin in the woods. But I wouldn't mind owning it. I love the peace, quiet and love through the ages this photograph portrays.

"May He equip you with everything good for doing His will, and may He work in us what is pleasing to Him, through Jesus Christ, to Whom be Glory for every and ever. Amen." Hebrews13:21

Our new year began with family and good food. The ending of 2014 had flu in our household and those of some of our daughters. Yuck. But God is good and always present. We are blessed that we can access doctors and medicines to make us well and healthy. His Word sustains us in times of illness and the worry when one of our little ones is sick. As a grandparent, I've found that not only do I worry about our precious grandbabies, but I worry doubly so for their mommy and daddy as I remember how we worried when they were little and sick. The circle of Life. In wellness and illness.

I look with hope and excitement to 2015. 2014 saw several life changes and a roller coaster of emotions. Selling and buying. Saying goodbyes and saying hellos. Packing and unpacking. With His Guidance and leading our hearts, we know we made the right decision but it still came with tears and promises of visits and staying in touch.

Those that know me well know that Fall and Winter are my very favorite seasons, with Winter topping the list. I love the hot chocolate, the hibernating while waiting for the rebirth of the earth, and the chance to just stay in and reconnect with the one I love. Living where we do we rarely see snow, maybe some flurries if we're blessed, but it's normal to have windy cold days ~ which means we stay in and eat some warming food and keep the coffee pot going.

Praying that this new year will find us all healthier, spending more time in study and quiet time with our Lord and Savior, and doing more to give of our time to others, spend less, and celebrating the little things, always remembering to shower Him with thanksgiving for the infinite blessings. These are goals in our household and we have already begun setting up times to help those that have difficulty getting out and working with fur babies that need love and care while waiting for a family to adopt them.

Think seriously about your blessings, for you'll find them even in your darkest days. How can you pass them on? Maybe ask the cashier to put that order following yours on the grocery conveyor or help someone push their cart to their vehicle. Leave social media for a bit and handwritten a note. Make a phone call. There are so many ways, that don't cost a dime, to show His love and grace. In this 2015, let's go boldly, as John the Baptist, and share His infinite mercy.

And here's to an awesome year!

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