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 Today I was going to share a few Mardi Gras tablescapes and a couple for Valentine's Day, but I got delightfully stopped at Naps On the Porch! First, I saw the salad plate and lusted after it, until reading that she purchased it at Marshall's and we don't have one around here. I need to find where the closest one is! What you'll love about this writer, one of the things you'll love, is that after each post she tells where and when she bought the items, along with the brand name if listed.

Where we live Mardi Gras is celebrated not as much as places further west but we do have our parades. Each year I say I'm going to decorate for it and then I get caught up in Christmas and wanting to enjoy it a bit longer, then I enjoy the cardinals and the wintry whites, so it's difficult to fit another holiday in and enjoy it any length of time before decorating for Spring and Easter! How do you do it?!

I also love her purple plates and don't think I'll have a difficult time finding similar ones. Love Tuesday Morning and TJMaxx! Now to find a Kohl's and Marshall's nearby! Here's a photo of our little Mardi Gras Princess! She's grandbaby #3 and growing up too quickly on me.
Okay, so after I read her MG post, I looked for Valentine's Day. There are quite a few tablescapes but the one below was my favorite. Again, she tells where you can find the dinnerware and other pieces she selected for this look. 
Click here for this Valentine's Day tablescape. I'd love for you to tell me how you decorate. How often do you change? For the seasons? For the holidays? Mix the two?

THEN, I saw Winterscape and decided then and there to plant nandinas this spring at our home. Just so I can use them at Christmas and during the winter. I don't see them around here, but I plan to hit a nursery and bring some home. The birds love the berries and I love the color they bring inside. They will look so happy with my cardinal salad plates!
Here's where you can find her post on her Winterscape.  The snowmen make it look festive and you have to smile, even if you're not already!

There's a bar at the top of her blog that shows other sections to explore and I found one on a gorgeous new 'old' Victorian home. Below is one of the four tablescapes found in this home (can you imagine FOUR!)
There are quite a few posts for Touring a Victorian Home and I promise you'll love every one of them. I haven't finished looking through each but I've loved what I saw. I've followed NOTP for a few years and she's gotten larger and added more sections. She has a world of tablescapes. She also keeps a Linky party going on table settings so yeah, you'll find lots! 

Reminds me of a dear friend I have in Prattville, Lynne Griffies. Her home is always beautiful but at Christmas it absolutely shines and is breathtaking. Each room has a theme. And a tree. Big trees, little trees. I think each year she comes up with something new. It always thrills me when she posts photos on Facebook to share with us the many vignettes she's created. I'd love for her to have a blog simply to share her home at different times of the year, and especially at Christmas, but she's a busy lady! I'm thankful she has the time to share on Facebook.

When I find a blog I enjoy I want to know everything about it. Hooked on Houses?  Hours.  The Feathered Nest? Hours, (and Dawn has some of the sweetest FREE printables you'll find.) If you have a favorite blogsite, leave me a comment. I'd love to visit. Blog hopping. One of my favorite pasttimes.

~ Until, I pray you're having a great week and are looking to have a fun filled weekend.

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