Leslie's Baby Shower

leslie is pregnant
our middle child
last one to marry (and to another gem)
last one to give us a grandchild (so we're told)
her shower was saturday, and she glowed
owen will be here the end of march
need I tell you how thrilled we all are
there were oodles of family there
and oodles of friends
and the most delicious food
i heard leslie say
they were all her favorites
so i think she planned the menu
robin and jeff decorated beautifully
and i think there's little more they need
other than diapers and clothing
yes, there were oodles of gifts 
i love this middle child and her husband
who i am sure was handpicked from our lord
and i cannot wait to meet their baby boy
stacey, on the left, leslie, and jenny, on the right
can i say again how i love these girls
i've said it
we laugh so much when we're together
and we treasure the time dearly
it's not often they're all in one place
with the kids and men
but when they are we adore each moment
apparently, someone hasn't told obama that those that refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. kennedy said it. reagan said it. and other great men in our history have said it. so why hasn't someone slammed a book in his face and said, "read this!"

for i am afraid, we are doomed to repeat history
and if i didn't have my god, i'd be afraid.
but my God can beat anyone's god
He's bigger and badder
so bring it on, obama
let my God show yours

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The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Nancy!!! I bet you all that the best time together!! There's nothing more fun than celebrating a precious new baby at a shower ~ Your wonderful family just keeps growing in love!!! I hope you and Johnny are do so very good, sending you hugs and love, Dawn

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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