Let's Be Serious, Then I'll Be Funny

I have to tell you, our Congress and this President scare me. I would love to find grounds to impeach him and start over with, or maybe without, a Congress. We have compromised so much already on gun control. We need to feel safe. Schools need to be secure. The last several weeks all I've heard are hearings on gun control. What about funding education - hey, that's a new one! NOT! - and put security guards in schools. Restructure fronts doors to be security conscious. There's much that can be done to make a school and it's grounds more secure, but for that you need money. And guess what doesn't get much money in too many states in the Union? Education. Our children. We actually spend more money on the prisoners in the state of Alabama than we do on our school age children. That is sad. That is uncalled for. Guns aren't the problem. People are the problem. Secure a property and it deters unwanted intruders. That's my soapbox for tonight.
When I saw this, I knew it was me. I love to laugh. At anything. And when you go to someplace like a beach, a football game, Wally World, there are people. And there's always something to laugh at or about with people or animals. I love AFV!!! Those dummies! And yes, I laugh at me. In fact, I laugh the hardest then.
We have wonderful plans for the weekend. A baby shower for our newest grandchild! We shall finally celebrate Christmas with our daughters and their families! (We had the flu yuck and Jenny's family had ear infections etc, so we postponed) Having a shower on the same day makes for a fun-filled day. We'll finish it off at a favorite Mexican restaurant, the grands will get a whole day to play with each other (praying the weather lasts) and I'm hoping someone remembers to take lots of photos! I was made fun of not too many years ago for always having a camera handy. Now I forget {sniff font}. Here's hoping Stacey and Jenny have theirs! I pray you have a great, laughter filled weekend, yourself!

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