I Love Pinterest

Actually, I'm a Pinterest Addict. I love love love it. For instance, I could easily do this in my master! Faux walls are easy. Finding a gate isn't hard. But you get what I'm saying. I love the ideas on Pinterest. And then there are other things! 
This one made me realize I am made of thousands that lived and loved and died. I love the feeling that reading this gave me. A very warm and good feeling.
Who doesn't love cupcakes! I have a board for just them. It's called 'Cuppie Cakes' and I see myself, at some point, making some of them. One I posted today is for Blue Velvet Cupcakes. I love Red Velvet! So I'm thinking Blue Velvet will just as good. (Wonder if it'll stain the teeth?!) Hmmm, might rethink this one.
I also have a 'Favorite Blog' board. Guess who's my favorite {wink font} and Jenny's site is, of course, my second! But you'll find others that are on home decor, cooking, and if you search Pinterest you can find boards on pretty much everything. 
There are lots and lots of funny things to see. This is one I found this afternoon that made me laugh out loud. Waldo. All that's needed is that striped hat.
This one? Well, this one made me catch my breath. We've all been here. Walking a path that know one knows we're on, or maybe they know but they don't know how to comfort or what to say? Our Lord knows. And it's His comfort and merciful grace that gets us through the storms. This one? It's my favorite today. And it'll stick with me for awhile. Do you Pinterest?

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