February Book Club, Dreamy Vignette, Winter Whites, and a Birthday Party!

A beautiful Christian lady
with equally beautiful ideas.
If you haven't been to her site,
you're in for a true treat.
Oh, and Melissa, I've got this book
on my To Read List! Sharing with friends
that enjoy good reads as I do ~ 
Oh, oh, oh, I want this! All of it! Well, okay, so the picture won't look like this as I'll have to use one I have but I like this one! And I won't have the champagne bucket but I'm planning a trip to a local Goodwill store and our TJMaxx to find some pottery I can spray paint white and silver. I already have some mercury, so this weekend I hope to get this set up on a table behind our sofa. I love the tree and just bet The Hood will gather some branches for me and I plan to use scrapbook paper for the hearts with twine hearts. I may use blue and white to go with a winter theme I'm trying to stay with for awhile longer. Living on the coast has taught me to hold onto Winter just as long as one can! Where did I find this awesome photo?! At one of my favorite sites, diy Design Fanatic. You'll love what Pam can do to a home {smile font}.
320 Sycamore! I love your yarn balls!!! And you tell me they were on Target's Clearance! And not being with our youngest daughter the day after Christmas (when we always go to Target!) I didn't see them! Shoot, I'd paid full price for these three!. I'm thinking I just might go find some Styrofoam balls, spray adhesive, and some old sweaters that are too small.  The sleeves will make good boot toppers with my jeans and I'll make some yarn balls. Go see Melissa's other Winter Ideas and stick around to check out her site. You'll bookmark it just as I did a few years back!
I loved what Jenny put together for Noah's birthday this year. Camp Noah. He loved it! and she was thrilled to see the happiness in her baby boy's face. I loved the photos but you'll love the ideas should you have a little boy of your own. Or a big boy! Her oldest chose a spend the night party (I bet it would've been easier throwing a party {wink font}. That's Noah in front of the tent that was part of the play ground. Go to Project Maddox: Building a Blessed Busy Life. Camp Out Birthday Party Theme. Oh, my babies. Oh Father, do they have to mature and grow so quickly on us? I know you have such plans for them, but they are such ministering angels to me. Right now. And I'd like them to remain that way just a little while longer. Like a few more years? Then they can get back into the growth stage of growing up and heading out. We are so blessed. Number 6 is on his way. Do you read the thrill in my heart?!
This was Jenny's Flashback Friday photo and I have to admit there were teary eyes in this house tonight. Elle, maybe 4 months old. Noah, 3. The age Elle is now. Ian. Much shorter three years ago than he is now. I think Noah grabbed my heart the hardest. Simply because he looks so young and at that time he was still asking, "Nan, I hold you?", which translated to "Hold me, Nan". But I always have loved the way he phrased it. Now it's sweet history. Sniff.
What is this?! Who lives where there's still a Christmas tree?! Bookcases that aren't being used as bookcases. Ah yeah, it's me. In fact, the whole house is in a bit of disrepair. It's been chilly and we've been enjoying it, getting out and about along with sleeping late {yawn font}. But that ends tomorrow. The tree is about all that's left and it comes down in three pieces! I'll post what I do with this area, along with tablescapes and redecorating some of the bedrooms. Being retired, means doing as you can. There's no over time. But we're loving it and I wouldn't have it any other way. You really can do more with less. And oh how freeing.

So, until ~ pray for those on your heart, our nation and her leaders, and take some time to be good to yourself. Find a quiet place and listen for the whispers in your heart. He wants to 'be still'. Listen for him. He has something to tell you, I just bet. Have a God-filled weekend.

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