Prayers Please, and New Ideas!

I come asking tonight for prayer warriors. A dear friend of ours, here's a link to her blog, will have to have a large mass removed from a breast. She found it, saw her doctor Monday, had tests today and will see a surgeon Thursday. Her Dr suggested having it removed ASAP. I know she would appreciate your prayers. She's a strong Christian and has great faith, however you know how Satan loves to put fear into our heads. Pray for peace, comfort, a healing and rapid recovery and that this is not a cancerous tumor. Thank you. I will update as we find out what is involved.

Yesterday I shared the cute idea of small mailboxes holding Valentine cards from family members. You can find that idea here!

From these $1 mailboxes and $1 candlesticks
(paint was already on hand)
to these cute mailboxes!
Tonight, I want to share one that is so cute and could easily be used as a nightlight. Those who know me well know that I love nightlights. I love walking through our home at night and having just enough light to add a sweet glow to everything.  Here's the photo below and here's the link! Lookie What I Did.
I'm having our Recipe group over Monday for lunch and have decided against bringing out any Valentine decor. I'm still decorated for winter and yes, the tree is still up. It looks so pretty reflecting off the mirrors and windows we haven't been in a hurry to put it up. So my sweet friends may just see a Christmas tree, along with their winter table settings. They kind of go together {wink font}. Afterwards, I do want to set the table for February and bring out the romantic table decor. With us eating more at home and having friends over, I love the change! Since I've decided to totally renovate the bookcases, one of these adorable Valentine glass blocks will be just the nightlight needed for February! Until ~

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