A New Blog, A New Idea!

You'll find this adorable blog HERE! I read about it on Pinterest and it's real cute. In fact, I've saved it in order to go back to it when I publish this and look through it a bit more. It seems as if she takes the ideas from Pinterest that she likes in way of clothing and then puts it together and photographs herself! I, myself, have lots and lots of clothing ideas and I have used maybe 1/4 or those ideas. But after a while, I fall back into wearing the same items, simply because they're at the front of the line. A friend of mine puts hers at the back so she knows it's been worn. That's a great idea, too! Go to Pinterest Told Me To . . . and tell me what you think. I heart comments! 
These are too cute for Valentine's Day! She made one for each of her babies. I love Project Maddox for two reasons. One, she has some really neat ideas. Two, she's our baby daughter {big smile font}.  She shows you how she put these together for only $2 each. Neat way to decorate all month long! Then leave nice notes for a job well done.

It's almost the end of January. Wowzer. Time is flying already this year. Until ~


Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said...

Thanks sooo much for the mention!!! Very sweet!!!! :)

Jenny Maddox said...

Love <3

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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