Past Independence Day Celebrations!

John is wanting us to use the term Independence Day instead of calling it the 4th of July. He feels our youth and young adults need to know what Independence means and the sacrifices made by others in order for us to celebrate our freedom. As he put it, "We don't call Christmas the 25th of December." And we don't. Good point, Hood. So I've made a concentrated effort to call it by it's proper name. Independence Day and I am so proud to be an American.
Ian was only three when this photograph was made.
His friend, Matthew, is the grandson of a dear friend.
They had such fun playing 'train' on the side of the pool.
Train? Go figure.
The year was 2006.
The next year, Jenny took some cute photos
at the parade in our downtown area. 2008, sweet Noah was not even two yet.
My, how time flies. This afternoon
I watched him sitting with Ian,
as Ian read a book aloud, and thanked God for our family.
Last year, our Jenny was pregnant with Miss Elle ~
This year that sweet baby girl is crawling and pulling up,
and loves eating, her big brothers, and her mum and daddy.
~ ~ ~ ~
As I composed this post, I am reminded how very blessed I am.
How very blessed we all are. Have a great weekend.

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