Winter Home in Montana

Ah, yes. Julia, you've done it once more.
Given me a glimpse of a dream home
One I could live in so easily and enjoy each morning I awake.
The colors inside are soothing.
The details fascinating.
And that's just inside the house!
Can you imagine this view at breakfast? Or any meal!
I'm not a fan of banquets where one has to crawl out or in
but I wouldn't quibble if I had this view and a decorator
decided to design the area in this fashion. I'd just enjoy.
What really sold me was the nods to John Wayne and Roy Rogers. My two cowboy heroes. And look at the bunks at the end of this room?! It's not an easy task making up bunk beds. I know. I used to share them with a sister, but they didn't last long. It's really difficult to make up the top one and I can do without any extra tasks. But oh, aren't they adorable and so cozy. And there's more!!
Click here to visit Julia and see more of this beautiful log home in Montana. You won't be sorry. Then go to her heading and just click on it. You'll see other homes she's spotlighted recently and if you have hours to kill, check out her Celebrity Homes, Real Estate Mistakes, etc etc. Yeah, hours I've spent just browsing her site. And I still haven't seen it all. Kudos, Julia. You rock.
And this log cabin will be in my dreams ~
Here's another treat ~ You'll have to go see it for yourself.
Sigh ~

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