Winter Whispers

Our Christmas decor stays up later than most as we celebrate during January, when all three daughters and their families can arrive together. It's relaxing, the shopping rush is over, and we sit and reminisce, while the little ones play with each other. A nice way to begin a new year. From the middle of December to the middle of March, I thrive on the colder breezes and the crisp air. I love the quietness of Winter. It's a time of hot chocolate, warm fires, and good books.
I love bottle trees.
And how easy will this be to put together?!
I do need a nice white pitcher, however. 
I never would've thought of putting a
piece of coral on top of crystal but it works.
And pearls. What lady doesn't like pearls?

Here's another adorable vase,
with an ornament from Christmas
and cute limbs from a craft store!
Here's a link to last year's Winter
thoughts and photos. I pray that
you stay warm and dry and enjoy
this time of quiet and reflection.

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