Favorites During the Holildays

I've long followed Susis Harris and found her post on a tradition in their area that just fascinated me! I'm sure it will you, as well. I won't go into it anymore except visit and read and then smile. I know you'll smile. I did. Click HERE to visit SusieQ and leave her a sweet comment. She's requested prayers for her little family. No reason that we need to know of as she's already gone to the Lord with it, and He's in control. But say a prayer for Susie's family that peace and comfort will prevail while God works out the details. Thank you, valiant prayer warriors. 
 Charm Home is our own precious Cristie Curlee Holcombe! Yes, the one on an HGTV show, Elbow Room, yes the one with her own interior design company, and yes the one with Chase and now expecting a little girl in June!! She stays rather busy, doesn't she?! And this is her blog that keeps us up on all of her goings and comings. She obviously learned organization from her second grade teacher {wink font, as it was moi!} You'll find Charm Home, The Blog HERE!
Melissa Lester has a job outside the home, that took her family to the Birmingham area! She is now an ass't editor with Victoria magazine, one of my favorite reads! I've followed Melissa for a long time and loved how she put birthday parties and book clubs gatherings, and other family functions together with yummy goodies, decorations, and little gifts to send home with those present. I've wondered how in the world she would be able to continue this. Again, organization. This link will take you to the tea she hosted recently during the holidays but if you click on her blog title and read down a few posts, which will delight you, you'll find a post where she takes us on a tour of their new home - BEFORE they moved in. I'm looking forward to seeing it after Melissa's touch has been added. I follow some of her boards on Pinterest and can tell you that I'm loving what I'm seeing as far as wallpaper and fabric swatches! So yes, I'm looking forward to seeing this home progress with Melissa's talent for decorating.
Two things ~ one, this was one of my favorite vignettes and little tree this year. I saw it on Pinterest and knowing how The Hood loves owls, I made this tree just for him following the design shown on Pinterest. Loved it! He loved it! Two, this is my 1001th post and that just rocks my boat tonight. Wow, it's been eight years since the accident and I began blogging not long afterwards to have a means of keeping in touch with the world while I recovered at home. I've met strangers that became friends and have been blessed in many ways thru the blogging world. Thank you to those that faithfully keep in touch with me via the blog and for those of that come here to read what's going on in my little part of the world. Always feel free to leave a comment. We heart comments. May 2014 be another awesome year for us all and please continue to pray for America and her leaders. I'm beginning to feel the America I know and love slip away as the government takes over more and more. I know my Father is in control and all this will go as He wills, but I still ask that He continue to bless us and remind Him that there are many, many good people that adore Him as I.

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