August: Osage County ~ the Movie

A girlfriend and I went this afternoon to see the movie and I'm delighted that Julie has this post tonight on the site! The movie was definitely a dark comedy about family members having to gather after a tragedy and it's a very dysfunctional family. To say the least. But the cast and the plot made me laugh and tear up. I wasn't sure I'd like it, as we all have family secrets that cause pain and we'd rather NOT see a movie about another dysfunctional family that does, but this is one I was so very glad I went to see. I loved the characters, well played by the cast member and although the scenery was no where like the beauty of The Christmas Candle we went to see during the holidays, it still shows how that part of our country, the Plains, looks. Barren. Few neighbors. I'm going now to read Julie's article and more about what she's found out! {If I'm not mistaken, doesn't The Pioneer Woman and her family live in Osage County in OK?! Maybe not. Need to Google that.}

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