Weekend Vacation!

So, this will be me this weekend. Without the umbrella.
And it will be when the sun's gone away.
During the day, we do Lulu's, and
Tangier Outlets in Foley, and
wandering around, and
talking, and

I'm not a sun lover on a hot sandy beach.
But love the smells, the foods, and the company.
See you next week! Have a blessed weekend ~


Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

Have a blast!! I'll miss you!

Judy said...

No, don't go this weekend, wait for me, we'll be there next Thurs-Sunday...all the places you mention!

Gulf Shores, here we come!


Nancy said...

I'm only a phone call away, Kelly :)
And to you, sweet Judy, I'm going back next weekend, too! With a girlfriend and just as much fun.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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