I Love Movies!

I love love love movies. Most any kind, except those in black and white or deep sci-fi movies. Oh, and I do NOT watch the Jason series nor the Nightmare on Elm Street series. (And Saw, and Texas Chainsaw . . . .)
I do love a good mystery thriller and I did see Carrie. Almost peed in my pants at THAT ending! However,
this post is to show why I don't venture in certain areas and why I live my life the way I do. Eccentric or not, here's why.
The reason I do not go into the ocean. I don't even venture out to where the surf is hitting the knees! There was one time, just ONE TIME, that I released the fear and let the surf carry me out. It took watching Jaws 2 the next week to remind me WHY I stay on the beach and sit with my toes in the water. Then I have to keep telling myself that no shark is going to launch itself on the beach to eat a non-seal looking object. (One other note about this movie: I had to walk out during the first fifteen minutes the day it hit the theatre. Had to wait for it to come on HBO years later before I had the nerve to finish it. Then I had to watch the other three sequels. But I still don't want to go in the ocean.)
Snakes. I hate snakes of any kind. But I really really hate those big ones. The kinds that make you want to puke in the Reptile House because it's always hot and the odor of the reptiles is one you don't want in your nostrils. (Side note: did you hear about the King Cobra that escaped the Bronx zoo!! And they haven't found him yet! They are thinking he is holed up in the Reptile House, which is another reason to bypass that particular part of any park! This movie made me dislike snakes even more. And also gave me a reason NOT to get out of the boat on the lake to pee in the water. There are idiots that have released reptiles into our local lakes. The dummies. Did you see the giant alligator movies? Yep, we got 'gators in Lake Jordan thanks to people buying the babies in Florida and wow, they outgrew the aquarium. Gah.
There are two of these movies. One that overturns with a giant tsunami type wave. The more recent one with a bomb blast set by staff members that don't like Americans. Same scenario. A lot of people die and you have to find your way out by going backwards, upside down, and swim through water. Nah, not me. Be my luck, our cruise would return with everyone sick, I'd get swept overboard accidentally, or some disgruntled staff member would set off a bomb. We'll just take one of those cute cruises that sails up the East Coast! They maintain shore views!
Ugh. I will never never ever never be caught alone in an underground parking area that is supposed to be guarded and protected with a large screen door that comes down and locks at a certain hour. Come to think of it, I don't park in underground parking lots anymore anyway.
I am very very nice to drivers around me.
Always have been, Always will be now. 
Time Travel. Love movies about Time Travel. But I would never wander into a black hole. Bahaha Do they exist? Are you sure?!?!? {Wink font} I'll never ride on a flight carrier but I love flying in  airplanes! Not one with snakes running loose, though. Did any of you see that one?!  UGH!
I love romance movies and I love sweet chick flicks. Love love love the Nicholas Sparks movies,  especially The Notebook and Nights in Rodanthe. Oh, so sweet!
Well, I have three Netflix movies awaiting me at this time so I'm going to snuggle in, use my earbuds & be quiet for our neighbors, and watch movies! One of the movies tonight that is a documentary on Apollo 13. Truly liked the version with Tom Hanks, now I want to know the reality of what happened. Love Tom Hanks. Oh, and John Travolta! and Nicolas Cage. And The Right Stuff!! Can't tell you how many times I've watched The Right Stuff and that I've met two of the charactars protrayed in the movie!! But that's another post. Leave me a comment about the movies that made you scary enough to make you change your mind about a way of living. What movie made you close your eyes and look out through your fingers?!?!

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Brittany said...

I HATE movies about being possessed. And I have a love/hate feeling about movies like 'Taken." That stuff really happens and even though it is good to be cautious, it makes me paranoid...especially living in a foreign country.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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