It's Spring at The Park

I walked out on our Juliet balcony yesterday afternoon waiting for John to come in. This is what I see when I look to the left of our home. Look how lush! Look at the grass that is coming back in. Below, you see what welcomes our eyes if you come up the front entrance. (We park in a garage in the back, so we use that entrance, but we see these each time we come down our stairs.) They are not only gorgeous but they hide the four air conditioners there also! I don't know what they are called, but I love them.
Looking across the sidewalk, there are crepe myrtles beginning to leave out. Thank you, thank you, Pamela, for not butchering our crepes!! I hate hate hate it when people cut their crepe myrtles back and they develop ugly stubs. Horrors. There is a way to trim them, but do NOT cut them totally back each year. These at The Park have begun getting height to them and give such a nice shadiness to the verandas that are blessed to be near one, or two or three. We are on the second and third floors and the one below is just about to the second level. Crepe myrtles have long been a favorite blooming tree of mine. And these are beautiful.
This is looking to the right of the balcony and I am not sure what type of trees these are. I do know they are hardy, become very leafy and add softness to the brick buildings. Another thing I noticed as I was taking photos were the roses growing on the iron railing in front of some buildings. There are lots and lots of roses within the complex, but these are tiny roses that climb all over those buildings that have an iron railing in front. Another thoughtful touch that they didn't have to add. But they did.
Again, looking to the right. The building you see in the distance is across the lake we have. I love it when the lake fountain is on. Almost as much as I like the fountain you see when you enter the complex. On days when we're at the pool, you can feel the mist from the lake fountain on the breezes. The verandas you see are large. Even the smallest ones are large. The bottom ones have an outside entrance, too. Notice the number of roses that will soon be covering the corner!!
John loves to walk outside and look around proudly and claim, "Isn't our landscaping beautiful? And I don't have to do a thing to it. I like that." (I like it, too!) They are forever trimming, cutting, adding, watering, bringing in pine straw. And they do it 12 months a year, folks, not just the 'nice' months.
This is the view beside our garage. Makes me calm just looking at the photograph. And yes, that's a large rose bed on the left side. Then monkey grass around it, and Asiatic Jasmine on the outside. Last year it was an awesome sight  and I kept forgetting to take pictures! I won't this year.
One of our neighbors has this Japanese Maple planted in a planter outside his veranda. He has quite a few scattered around our parking lot area, too. Don't you just love it when someone does something nice without being asked, that's it's done just for the joy of making our World a prettier place.
Driving out, I began to really see how many are budding out and the leaves that seem to be popping out overnight! And the rose beds are everywhere! They will bloom throughout the hotter months!
This is my nod to Spring outside our door. To the right is the Juliet balcony. Reminds of a castle. I would show you the wreath on the door BUT there's a large white spot. Once upon a time, John was expecting something from FedEx and he didn't want them to miss us. So he wrote a note telling them to knock real loud and to call our cell. That we WERE home. Well, the sweet man couldn't find any scotch tape so he used Super Glue. Super Glue to attach a sticky note to our front door. Of course, it took the paint off! Sheez. And I'M the blonde one!
I hope you're enjoying Spring at your house!
Thank you, thank you, to those that own The Park and to those that maintain it. You're the best! We appreciate you very much for all that you do to make our living areas beautiful and soothing.

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