A Double Duty Coat Closet

Right inside our front door is a storage closet. It's deep and somewhat narrow, but I love all storage. Thankfully, each apartment and townhome I've seen at The Park, and I've seen all the models is rich with storage spaces. Truly, they didn't leave an inch unused. Amazing. Oh wait! I bet a woman designed them. {wink font}. When you open this door, you see John's work coats and jackets he is presently using. Once the weather gets warmer, they'll be washed real good and hung up in an upstairs closet. Love these over the door hangers!
This is where I got a bit lazy and instead of getting a second wire shelving unit as I have in the back I just opened two dinner tray holders and this is where he puts his 'stuff'. You know men have lots of 'stuff'. Woman do as well but we hide ours in items known as purses. You can see one of my purses down there. It's out of season, for me anyway, and I need to get it upstairs and put away. This area holds his work bag, his leather items when he rides his motorcycle and the shoes he has for various daily times.
You'll also see seasonal items for the front door hanging in here. I didn't want to use the garage that is down a flight of stairs and across a small parking lot, so I hung them in here. There are more wreaths hung in the Christmas closet upstairs. Remember, if you can't go out, go up in small spaces!

It works for me. And it will work for you. Be creative. Those spots are there, just waiting for you to utilize them and make them feel important. We also have a white door hanger on the Master door where John's Columbina shirts hang? Why? Because they're soft, they don't wrinkle, and can be grabbed quick when needed. Like needing to make a quick run to Publix or through a drive thru window.
It's Thursday and another sunny day in central Alabama y'all!

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