"Sorry, Charlie"

You remember him, right?
Please tell me you do.
Charlie Tuna? StarKist?
As in, "Sorry, Charlie"?
By the end of my teaching career, when I was asked a yes or no question by a child, I'd say "Sorry, Charlie" if the answer was 'no'. This drew a blank face on the child and usually a "That's not my name." I quit trying to explain by Christmas each year. I even ceased showing them on the computers what Charlie Tuna looked like, why he was popular, etc etc.  Now I have grandbabies, and for the life of me I continue to say, "Sorry, Charlie". At which point I always get, "Nan, I'm Austin/Ian/Alaina/Noah". Sweet Elle, I can still tell her 'no' with that remark and she just smiles and, taking it as a 'yes', goes ahead with what she wanted to do. Doesn't mean a thing to her as to what I call her. Just as long as I call her. For snacks. For snuggles. For playing. Do YOU remember Charlie Tuna?! He's 50 this year. Happy birthday to a fish that brought so many weird looks from little ones to young to remember him.


Heather said...

Well, you've just taught me something! I've heard "Sorry, Charlie" for years and even used the phrase before...but I never knew where it was from. Now I know :) Thanks!

Nancy said...

You sweet child, I KNOW I heard you say that in our second grade classroom! I guess I'll use it the rest of my life! He's almost as old as me :)

Lisa Ann said...

I remember Charlie! Classic!

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

YES! And I say it too!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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