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We love our fuzzy, snuggly blankets in our home. Even the mister uses them when he decides to take a nap on the sofa, and our girls?! One or all of them are always grabbing one when they come over. So I don't ever pack them away. What I do is toss them in a large basket we keep near the television. This is not an original idea {smile font} but one shown to me by a sweet friend a couple of years ago. We've enjoyed it ever since and from now on there will be a 'snuggly' basket by the entertainment center. Hint: keeps your sofa from always looking ruffled with blankets all over them! 
We lost having a fireplace and mantel when we decided to sell our home and move into an apartment complex until we could decide what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go. I miss having a mantel to decorate for the seasons, especially at Christmas. This shelf from Hobby Lobby, bought at half price!, solves the problem. At least until we have another fireplace. Don't know about you, but I love gas logs and the warmth and look they give on a cold wintry night. Our cable plug and an outlet is located behind the shelf and I painted the wiring the color of the wall in order to blend in. And they do! You don't have a fireplace? Hobby Lobby has an abundance of long, and short, shelves that will fit the bill. 
Suitcases. I love love love old suitcases and must have a dozen of them. I've used them as end tables for years and this is where the Christmas decor for that particular room is stored. Not all of the decor will fit in there, but it's so handy to have it all at hand each Christmas season. You could also use them to hold seasonal clothing, seasonal dinnerware, or the notes and pictures from a child. Sadly, it's a bit harder to find old suitcases now than it was ten, fifteen years ago but they are still out there. Happy Hunting!
I found this adorable chest at Paravicini's in downtown Prattville about three years ago and I'm still in love. There is a bit of wall space (you can see from the baseboard) between our kitchen entry and the door to the Master suite. This fits there perfectly. I really need to 'pretty' up the shelves behind the glass, which is where I store my stationary and my Partylite candles. Love Love Love Partylite candles! And no, I'm not a consultant but I can put you in touch with mine! I just call her and they come right to my home! Annnnyway, the drawers hold cameras and batteries, and all the odd stuff like screwdrivers, nail sets, and hammers that you need to have close every once in a while. Love the color of the chest, too!
Moving into the Master bedroom, I have found using bachelor chests instead of bedside tables holds a world of items. And in a small abode, you want to have as much storage as possible. These work great! One is ancient and really showing its age. We got it when we built our first home about 25 years ago! I just keep my furniture pens at hand and color in the nicks and bruises. The other I traded for a desk I didn't want anymore. Even trade and I think I got the better end of the deal. Unfortunately, depending on where we're living, I may not be able to use both by the bed. However, I simple use the other on another wall and put a mirror above it. Looks like a small dresser! 
The wicker storage tower? Again, Hobby Lobby at half price. Seriously, I don't know how you decorate without a Hobby Lobby or a Kirklands. Our local Goodwill is NOT great on carrying anything but clothing so there's no going there for something. We do have a great flea market but by the time I spend on fixing something up, I'd rather spend the $24.99 it took to get this one already prettified. Is that a word?! Oh, and have I told you I'm a bit lazy when it comes to painting and faux finishing furniture. Used to when the girls were at home, not that way now {wink font}.
See that framed photograph of the Biltmore Mansion?! That was taken by another girlfriend, I found the frame with mat for $4.99 at Hobby Lobby and love how it turned out! Thanks, Lynne! (I DID ask her if it was okay to use her work. Always do that. In fact, I've gathered some beautiful shots of Venice from a Facebook friend that she took while there with her husband and I've already told her I'd be back asking for permission before I print and frame any of them. It's just the nice thing to do.)
This spot in my bath makes me smile. I painted around the tub with the colors in our kitchen and found the framed picture on sale at Kirkland's. Wooden bowl of twine, twig ball on candlestick, a vase that was someone's cast off, and weedy looking things in the sale bin at Michael's. I do love the look. One of my favorites in our home.
I hope this has helped give you some ideas in your home or that of someone you know that's having difficulty finding a place for everything. If you have something to share and you don't have a blog, please leave me a comment with your ideas or email me with photos of your ways of finding storage. I'll share on a future post.
Until you're here again, have a beautiful week and one that's filled with much love and laughter. If you like what you've seen while here in my spot of the world, I would love for you to become a follower! Have a blessed evening ~


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Those are wonderful solutions Nancy! Thanks for sharing with us. Thank you for becoming a new friend as well. You see I have a newbie party going on now, I would love for you to join, it is a wonderful way to meet some new bloggers like yourself. If not today I do have this party every Monday. Also Friday I am having a color my world party, with spray paint only projects.

Pam - diy Design Fanatic said...

Great ideas! I keep soft cuddly blankets for the tv room in a basket nearby.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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