Just a Quick Note

These lovely beach loving people
would love to live near the Gulf Coast.
The sand, the sun, the surf. They love it. All five.
And Leslie? The child would live there if she could.
Beach trips, cruises, and the sun.
This man is a true outdoorsman.
Needless to say, he's passed that love to this little one.
And his two girls love the beach along with the others.
See the smiles on these faces?
See the background behind the smiling people?
But me? This is what happens,
when I meet the sun for any length of time.
And that's with sun screen!
This is where we always thought we'd retire.
The Smokey mountains.
Cool, lush, snow.
Snow. Some times lots of snow.
That might get old in ten years.
Maybe five years.
And the man can't ride his bike in snow.
So we posed two locations to our daughters
and the answers was overwhelming. We're happy.
They are thrilled. While they are with sun and surf,
I'll be drinking sweet tea on a screened in veranda.
Cool, breezy fan, lush greenery, a good book.
Yeah, that's retirement.

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Kristi said...

:) That about sums it up for me!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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