I Won!

I won!! Dawn, The Feathered Nest, that I've spoken of before on here, had a contest and I won one of her gorgeous artworks!! I am so excited!!! I found Dawn by following blogs and have since checked in on a daily basis just to be uplifted by her caring nature and the beauty of her work.

Am I the only one or do you go through the blog listings of others and create a trail to see where the next blog goes? Have you ever clicked on any of my friend links to see if you know them, or maybe just because they sound interesting? At one time I thought I would list my favorite ones by their titles, and then realized that I have found some old friends because others listed them by name. Hence, that's why you see most of mine listed by name, just in case you look through and say, "Hey, I know them! and I didn't know they had a blog!" You can meet some really nice people this way, too. Such as Dawn Edmondson~

thank you, Dawn, for drawing my name and I'm eagerly awaiting the prize! Dawn sells her work on two online stores and you need to visit them, too! And of all the blogs I've traveled through, and that would be LOTS, Dawn is the only one I've found that will offer you the right to click on any of her artwork and save it for yourself to use in your crafts or even on your blog, as I've done. She loves pre-loved items and does the most wonderful things with them! Do yourself a favor and visit The Feathered Nest ~ you'll be glad you did. Maybe you'll win something, too!


Miss Sandy said...

I came here by way of The Feathered Nest to tell you congratulations for winning Dawns' awesome creation! She does wonderful work and is such a blessing. Enjoy!

Susanne Goodin said...

Congratulations on your WIN! I will check it out!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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