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I have mentioned Hooked on Houses before if you're a regular reader. I love it. Julia loves houses. Houses of all kinds and she does a great job of letting us know when a celebrity or a house she feels we may be interested in, comes on the market. Another tab on her site I love is homes that movies were made in and movies that personalities live in. Then there's the tab showing what Realtors really should have caught before they shot the photo to publicize! The one she showcased today caught my eye as one of our daughters was a Pampered Chef rep at one time and I have plenty of the wares to show for it. In fact, one, maybe two, Christmases, everyone got Pampered Chef presents!

Doris Christopher purchased this home in 2003 for $6.23 million and is asking $6.5 million. Here's the front of the six bedrooms, eight full and and three half bath home.  I'll let you visit you visit Julia's site to see lots of other photos and explore her site. I've been a follower for quite a few years now and still find something new that I've somehow missed. I know you'll enjoy it. She shows you the house used for the Chipmunk movie!
Julia gave a link to the realtor, so I went there and found MY favorite photo. Here's mine {Grin font}
Ms. Christopher plans to downsize. Hm, wonder how much {Wink font}

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