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Melissa Lester always brightens my day with her posts. From crafts to celebration ideas, to reading her thoughts on our Lord, I am always uplifted after visiting A Little Loveliness. You will be, too. My favorite is when she discusses the books her club reads, and shares the recipes and decorations that accompany their gathering to discuss the book. She's a very talented woman. A very spiritual one that sees beauty in the smallest of things. Go visit, you'll be blessed ~
Freckled Laundry and Jamie ~ She shares her thoughts, her dreams, ideas and goals, not to mention a dreamy way of photography. The photo below is credited to another, but it shows a little of her artistic ability to put words with photos in a beautiful way.
I have introduced you before to The Feathered Nest.
Dawn is a lover of vintage lace, toys, babydolls, and items that stir the heartstrings of days gone by. She is also such a love in  that she gives you art to upload and use! I have ordered from her Etsy shoppe and still love the items. They never go out of style with me. But like her, I'm a girly girl and I love the softness of life. Visit her soon. Here's a favorite photo of mine that she's sharing today.
This blog is different than most of the ones I frequent. But I love it! Brooklyn Limestone ~
Mrs. Limestone has set her site up to easily find what you're looking for. I found this under her DIY tab. How cute is this?! She used a Halloween theme. I plan to use it for the four seasons. I have dinnerware for each of the major holidays, but how nice to have dinnerware to use those weeks in between.
Visit her limestone and see what you think. I think you'll be impressed.
Susie Harris. She was one of the first blogs I found when I began mine and I've been an avid follower ever since. She is talented, funny, compassionate, very artistic, and a Louisiana lovin' woman. I love her signs and the way she shares her daily life. The photo I've chosen to share from her blog today is a furry baby of hers. Susie takes you through the good and the bad times of her life, all the while letting you know that when it's all over, she'll thank you for being there for her. Go check out her site and stay long enough to see the signs I'm talking about! I'll include one for you! She will custom make you one as well!
Didn't I tell you? Simple but grabs those heart strings.
Early Morning Meditations. I wanted to share this site with you because I love our Lord and this man does, too. Raymond Elliott is a minister of the Gospel and I know without a doubt that you'll be moved and uplifted, comforted and loved, when you visit his blog. He has other writings as well, one is humorous hunting tales and another is memories of the college he attended in Montgomery, AL. Visit and be blessed.
Yes! This is me! I wanted to share with you a very special time in my life. In our life, for it affected all of those that know and love me. When we go back to Prattville, it's not uncommon for someone to tell me they prayed for our family and me as I lay 'sleeping' for 77 days. It was a journey that touched us all in a way that changed our lives and the way we live now. We are closer, we appreciate taking that first breath each morning, and we know with certainty what's ahead for those that love the Lord. I hope you'll take the time to visit and if you've had a similar experience I'd love to hear from you. I still like sharing mine.
Asleep ~ 77 Days It really happened. And someone always comes. His children never leave alone.

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Note ~ I appreciate proper capitalization. Apparently, this font does not. I apologize for that. I do know better.


Melissa Lester said...

Thank you, Nancy! You are always such an encourager. I think it's one of your gifts. We would love for you to join us for one of our book club meetings sometime. It's great fun! We have not nailed down a date yet, but hope to get our summer meeting planned soon. Thanks for the link and lovely thoughts!

freckled laundry said...

Thank you so much, Nancy! I appreciate your thoughtful post and sweet words about my blog! I've been a follower of Brooklyn Limestone for some time and I agree, it's so easy to find stuff over there. She's simply awesome. I will have to visit the other blogs you've introduced me to. Have a lovely weekend. Thank you again. xo Jami

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Nancy!!! Thank you so much for the link love and for the sweet words about my blog ~ You've always been so wonderful to me!!! I hope you are doing so good and that the family is too ~ sending you hugs and love, Dawn

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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