A Fern, A House, A Grin

Notice anything about this porch? Stupid Silly question. I love this porch. You can see lots more of it at Between Naps on the Porch. Love love love this blog. But I digress a bit. However, do yourself a favor and go there. You'll stay. And stay. And stay. Just warning you.

What I wanted to tell you today is about her fern! It's called a Kimberly Queen fern. And it's shed free! How nice is this?! Bostons are pretty, but messy. Love to shed. You can read more about the Kimberly Queen fern when you visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch
I know, I know. I've showcased both of these sites recently. But when I saw the house Julia posted on yesterday I knew I had to. I.Love.This.House. or maybe I'm just in love with the area. The Smoky Mountains. Our favorite vacation spot. We didn't retire there, contrare to our dreams of the past, due to we would be moving further from our daughters and their precious families (which includes grandbabies!) So, we asked, they listened and answered. Hence, we're now coastal. And love it! But the Smoky's have our heart as well. Look at this home! Rustic, romantic, rugged.
I'm not sure if you can rent it but I took it that you could. The photo below is filled with things I love. I stared at it a long time. From the corbels on the island ends to the laser cut molding on the plate rack. I also love the photos on the wall. They look old and I love the way they covered the ceiling in the same wood. It looks like a very loved older home with all the nice new appliances and practical ideas. There's even a cutting garden and two guest houses, BUT I'll let you go to Julia's site, Hooked on Houses, and see for yourself. 
I have to end on a sad smile. I know children grow up. If they live, they grow. It's inevitable. But it's hard on a grandmother's heart. It's hard enough on the mommy, but it's doubly hard on a Nan. This sweet one is the middle child of our baby. He's shy until he gets to know you and he is his Pa's buddy. His mother texted this morning saying he had a loose tooth. Tonight we get this photo.
**Let me stop about the tooth and tell about the haircut prior to the tooth. Sniff, sniff. He has the softest curls and they grow quickly. He agreed to have them shortened today, but thought there was still a bit too much on top, so he asked his mom if the lady would cut it shorter. When she did, naturally it all had to be evened out, which brought it up above his ears. They get in the car and our sweetheart began crying, as in hard sobs. When mom finally got him to talk, he tearfully asked, "Will daddy know me?" Yeah, I had tears listening to my babygirl tell me about her babyboy. It's shorter than they want, but yes, it'll grow back.**

So, the tooth! You can tell by his grin that the hair is forgotten. His first tooth, which surprised me as I felt he had several more years! I don't feel any older, so it always surprises me when they have birthdays {wink font}. Happy First Lost Tooth, Noah! Pa and Nan love you dearly and adore that snaggled smile.


Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch said...

Nancy, thanks so much for the lovely mention! You are going to love the Kimberly Queen fern. Love the mountain home you featured, too. Would love to tour it. I'll check it out at Julia's. Noah is adorable! Sooo cute! They do grow up way too fast...where is the time going? Wish it could slow down just a little.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh precious Noah...from the mouths of babes!!! They just make our hearts crumble, don't they? I remember when he was just a tiny tot...and now, losing teeth? Goodness gracious ~ I just can't believe how the time flies and how these babies prove it! Clara is such a big girl now at 3 years old and waiting anxiously for her little brother, Murray due in Sept. ~ and btw, I love the mountains too sweetie, my mama and dad live in North Georgia, Hiawassee and have a massive mountain side right in their back yard!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Nancy! I love that house. Also love Susan's porch. I didn't know about the shed-less fern. I got so tired of the upkeep with my Bostons that I don't have any on my porch any more. That's good to know that there's an alternative.

Have a great weekend! :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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