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Nesting Place. Another blog I found through, guess, Pinterest! And I think you'll like it, too. You can also become a follower on Pinterest. She has a pin for you to use. One of my favorite posts that she had highlighted was a before and after of their living area. Above is the BEFORE photo. Below is the AFTER. Aside from slipcovering the furniture, I'll let you go and read what else took place. (I love the curtains!) 
PS ~ I'm a new follower on both sites!

Here's another one for you to visit and enjoy while being inspired! Whimsy ~ the photo below, which I love because it's soft, creative, beautiful, and just makes me want to be sitting there ready to enjoy a good meal and fellowship with those I love, is a small piece of a bigger picture.
It's a wedding!! And look at the tables, and the lights, and the setting! And yes, I'll let you click on over to Whimsy to find out how it was accomplished and ooh and aah over all the photos she has. And yes, I'm a follower. Not sure is she has a Pinterest page, I couldn't find one. But I'll keep looking!
Beautiful, but I just betcha it took some time getting those tables ready {grin font}.

Downtown. Upcycle. After seeing this idea on Pinterest, thanks to Deborah for finding it first!, I plan to make dozens of these and include some 'beachy' ones as well. I'm one of those I LOVE CHRISTMAS gals, so it's most likely my largest board on Pinterest. Last year we had just moved into our home and there was so much painting, etc to do that I skipped with almost all of the decor. Not this year! Ashley took this
and made these! I wasn't sure what she used to make the letter blocks until I read further and was so excited! I thought, "Oh no, I have to find tiny blocks and put adhesive letters on these?!" You read. It's so easy peasy!! From the looks of her blog, she's planning a wedding. Hers. And she's taking her readers along for the ride. Might be interesting to keep up as her plans thus far are cute and cheap. 
Christmas. I get excited just thinking about it!

I am always looking for a way to dress our front entrance. Right now, it has an old, needs-painting, double front door and all I do right now is try to keep the pine needles and cones swept off and the light lit at night. (Side note: I have kept our porch light on all night for as long as we've been married. Not anymore. It's on until we go to bed now. I wasn't sure what was leaving the poop on the column base across from the light until my dear husband said it was a gecko. "You mean a lizard?! They don't have poop that size." "No, but a small gecko does?" he said, with a grin. SO, the light goes off before the bugs come out! Ugh!!!! When I saw this front door I knew I'd like her site. This is from the post 'Home Sweet Home'.
If you go there today, you'll see the below photo and the accompanying post. I know I have a daughter that will love this idea and her handy husband may be hearing about this idea. I'm not a crafty person anymore. The last house we left I gave away what Jenny didn't want. My days of saving and putting back were over. It's a liberating feeling but I enjoyed each minute spent making homemade items. I still do, just now enough to warrant something this large. Jenny does. And I bet some of you do as well. Visit Lookie What I Did and read more about her crafting and home decorating. And be sure to leave these ladies a comment. It's easy and we truly appreciate reading your thoughts and suggestions. And, just to know you took the time to visit. 
How neat is this idea?!?!

I wanted to end with a photo of something that had made me smile recently. Those of our grandbabies always do, but a fellow blogger ~ that's also a friend on Facebook ~ had posted this recently and upon reading it felt such peace, as I do whenever I read His scriptures. I have featured Melissa on here before but since I'm sharing her FB photo I thought I'd show you a glimpse of the freshening her living room got recently. Melissa is also on Pinterest! And one of my favorites there, too.
You'll find her at Melissa's Heart & Home, and it's aptly named. Hers is one of my favorite places. 
I hope you've enjoyed browsing through these new sites and that you've come away with some great ideas of your own. Oh, I added a Pinterest button of my own at the top right. Come visit me on Pinterest and look through my boards to see if you'd like to follow any. I love trading ideas and learning from others. Until another day, have a great week and blessings to your and yours ~

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