It's Wednesday

and I'm at the Business Center. Still. Waiting. Patiently ;) on my laptop! I'm so excited at having one, and it will make things easier. The Business Office here stays open during the day, but I'm not here much :/ so until then, I'll have to update you when I can.

Things are a bit more settled. Not. We have managed to organize the garage and I have hung some pictures. No curtains yet, no bed in the Master, the Master Bath is finished!, the guest is pretty much finished, etc. etc.

Have to go, so all of you stay cool, keep laughing, and continue to Praise the King! He is truly One that I can't wait to see~

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Susie Harris said...

Just checking in on you... Hope it is starting to feel like home.... Susie h~

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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