Sitting Here and Missing

not you :) I'm missing my computer!! The office/whateveryoucallit thingie near the pool and that houses the fitness center also has a business room with computer, printer and fax!! So I snuck out of the apartment for bit while John is playing a racing game on the PlayStation. Knology is coming out tomorrow to hook up Internet, phone, and cable BUT we have to wait for our laptops to come in before we're online once more.

Johnny has a problem. Or maybe it's me that has the problem. But each time I get one box unpacked, the floor vacuumed, and step back and grin ~ another unpacked box arrives!! argh He seems to think he's helping. I think he's just trying to help me loose weight. Which I have to get serious about before this surgery that is, rapidly approaching, in October (insert a really scrunched up face here!)

I have missed visiting with all of you on your pages and have so much catching up to do once I get the time to sit down and get comfortable. Please keep coming back and thank you for being patient. I won't be able to post snapshots of the apartment until I can get online with my laptop, but I have some for you (imagine happy, proud grin here!)

Have a beautiful weekend and stay cool and in love~


Haley said...

We ahve missed you so! Cant wait for update and pics!

Susie Harris said...

I miss you too... Cant wait till you get settled! Susie h~

Leah said...

missing you too!

Melissa Lester said...

Hope you'll be back to surfing soon! I miss your sweet comments.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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