A New Way of Living

Living in an apartment, and a brand, brand new apartment at that!, is a new experience for us. Not for me as much as it is for John. I've lived in numerous apartment from Georgia to Colorado and each has been different, but then, basically the same. I've never lived in a trailer, except for a few months while our home was being built. John, on the other hand, has lived in trailers and homes. Never, ever an apartment. I guess it's been the toughest on him. And I've worried a bit about that.

He just told me this morning that he's beginning to really enjoy himself and that he wonders now if he wants to go into another house! {I've been subtly pushing for a condo for months now} He's liking the time we spend together, his time resting and catching up on movies, the time we will have to visit our daughters in their homes more, and not having to deal with the upkeep of a home and yard. He surprised me! What a nice surprise!

At this time, we're saving our money and waiting to see if Prattville will begin building condos either downtown {our dream!} or even out near The Legends. Either way, until then, we'll continue being happy with our cute screened in porch, the fitness center, and a pool we don't maintain. If you see us weeks from still grinning like the Cheshire cat, you'll know why. Until then ~


Susanne Goodin said...

I was looking online at your pictures of the apartment and, as usual, Lakyn was peering over my shoulder. The other day we were headed to dinner and passed some apartments in Prattville. Lakyn said, "Hey, Mom - is that where Mrs. Nancy lives?" I said, WHO? and she said you know Mrs. Nancy - those look like the apartments in the pictures. I thought it was funny - she has a great memory. It sounds like the two of you are settling in nice.

Leah said...

You two sound like newlyweds!! I'm so glad you're happy there!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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