Oh, To Be a Child At Christmas

Three of my favorite items from my childhood are shown below!!
Did any of you have one or more of these?
My very favorite one, however,
was a pink stuffed poodle and I've had him for 47 years.
Wow. He looks it too.
But that's getting off the subject.
I ran across these and they brought back
good memories of Christmases past,
when delight and anticipation ran rampant
in the veins.
Why thoughts of Christmas at this time?
Because it's hot.
And I'm ready for winter.


Susie Harris said...

I didnt have the doll but I did have the slinky and the view master. I loved those toys! Susie H~

Lynne Griffies said...

I did not have a Chatty Cathy, but I definitly had a slinky and a View Master. And I loved both of them. You should have posted a pic of your stuffed pink poodle. Ha!

Stacia said...

Well...my viewfinder didn't look as 'seasoned' as yours :-) It was the red version but I loved it!! They still make them, I bought one as a b-day gift a few months ago...brought back lots of memories!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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